IMTECH® Wear and Abrasion products are specially formulated to provide superior protection from impact and cutting forces. Wear and abrasion resistance is the key to protecting equipment and minimizing downtime. From our vast experience gained in the field, IMTECH® wear and abrasion products have been found to outlast other wear-resistant materials such as, steam and chemically cured rubber linings, polyurethanes, steel alloys and special wear resistance steel liners, thereby significantly reducing operating cost and increasing through-put productivity.

A premium quality natural rubber compound with outstanding properties such as resilience, strength and resistance to abrasion, cutting and tearing. Additionally, Wear Shield 45 exhibits great wear resistance in the handling of minerals and ores where larger product particles are processed such as mine backfill, pipe linings, screen underpans, hoppers and bins, pipe elbows, vibrating feeders, sand and grave operations.

A blend of natural and butadiene rubber, formulated to provide the toughness needed in the handling of coarse materials in difficult applications, where impact and abrasion exist. The combination of high resiliency and resistance to deformation makes Rock-Shield 60 the ideal solution in the handling of large-particle coarse ore.

IMTECH® Skirtboard Liners give you the ability to create the maximum amount of sealing possible. This will help eliminate product spillage, entrapment wear and increase your dust control capabilities, extending the life of your transfer point and reducing costly down time.

These liners are suitable for applications in areas of severe impact and areas of high abrasion. They can be supplied in Rubber or Rubber Ceramic. The molded ceramic comes in a variety of ceramic shapes, including balls, cylinders and cubes, all of which have a high alumina silica content that withstands severe impact and high abrasion.

Available in Custom Sizes

  • ½” up to 4” thick rubber
  • ¼” up to 1” steel plate with bolt holes or studs
  • Also available in Rubber/Ceramic combinations

To obtain the most efficient wear life, the optimum angle of impact for rubber is 90 degrees. If shear force is causing a problem in an application, it can be overcome by installing a Modular Profile Liner.
With multiple styles available, we can introduce this liner to the system in order to get the material to hit the liner surface with a direct impact, increasing the life of the liners.

Uptime and throughput are key components to profitability in mining and aggregate applications. Unscheduled maintenance delays are not an option in today’s “I need it now” competitive markets. When that unexpected hole develops in a key transfer chute, IMTECH®’s easy-to-install Magnetic Patch Liner is the answer. Simply place the magnetic patch liner over the hole on the outside of the chute wall. This will keep the system safely up and running safely until your next scheduled maintenance day.