IMTECH STR The IMTECH® STR cold bond adhesives family
features a superior two-part contact adhesive
for quick and environmentally-friendly cold
bonding of rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-rubber.
STR also excels in bonding rubber-to-fabric
as with cold splicing of fabric ply conveyor belts
and the application of cold repair materials.
TECH SEAL 45 SKIRTBOARD RUBBER Are you looking for an effective containment product that will reduce
material spills at transfer points or while conveying product on
trough systems? One that is durable, but will not damage your
conveyor belt? TechSeal 45 from IMTECH is a high-quality, cost
effective containment solution that will do the job while protecting
your conveyor belt investment.
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PermaFix IMTECH Perma-Fix is a two-part urethane that will
repair, bond, and seal virtually any rubber surface.
The product is applied using a dual cartridge
dispensing system using, a mechanical or pneumatic
dispensing gun with 24 element static mixing
tubes for the repair of conveyor belts and
rubber products.
WEAR SHIELD 45 RUBBER LINING Need a premium quality natural rubber compound with outstanding
properties such as resilience, strength and resistance to abrasion,
cutting and tearing? Wear Shield 45 exhibits great wear resistance
in the handling of minerals and ores where larger product particles
are processed such as mine backfill, pipe linings, screen underpans,
hoppers and bins, pipe elbows, vibrating feeders, sand and grave
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IMTECH - Superior Rubber Products

IMTECH® is your single-source provider for the highest rubber wear and abrasion products for mining, aggregate, chemical, power generation, and industrial markets. Call our Team of experts that can help design a solution that best fits your toughest material handling problems.

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